HTML Autoresponder

In the video below we take a look at using HTML forms provided by your autoresponder within ThriveCart.

This is perfect for those who use an autoresponder not currently integrated with ThriveCart, or for users who only have access to HTML forms.



As mentioned in the video we check your form code for key fields that will match up with the details the customer completes in ThriveCart.

These details are:

name, Name, NAME, mc-name == Customers full name.

firstname, first_name, FirstName, FIRSTNAME, FNAME, fields_fname, mc-firstname, contact_fields[first_name] == Customer's first name.

lastname, last_name, LastName, LASTNAME, LNAME, fields_lname, mc-lastname,  contact_fields[last_name]== Customer's last name.

email, Email, e-mail, EMAIL, fields_email, email1, email_address, contact_fields[email] == Customer's email address.

As long as your HTML input fields are named one of the above, then they will be recognised by ThriveCart and details matched to it.

If you have any problems when testing your HTML autoresponder, if you contact us on and attach a copy of your form code we can look to see what the issue is.

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