PayPal - Multiple IPN's

Adding Multiple IPN’s to PayPal

PayPal is limited to only letting you connect one IPN service to your account.

This unfortunately stops a lot of people from using multiple services that require IPN connection.

With ThriveCart we use the IPN connection to correctly track your refunds and recurring payments.

Whilst it’s not necessary for taking payments, not connecting your IPN will currently mean that your statistics may not be correct.

We’ve had several users ask us how they can connect multiple IPN’s to their PayPal account. Unfortunately due to the limitations of PayPal you cannot do this.

You can either look to setup multiple PayPal accounts for each IPN service you use, or look to use a 3rd party tool like Zapier.

In this video I walk you through setting up multiple IPN’s using Zapier.



Webhook Form Example:


If you've already connected your PayPal account and need to know your ThriveCart IPN URL use the following but replace 'subdomain' with your subdomain.

If you're unsure, simply delete your existing PayPal account and re-add it to get to step 2 and see your PayPal IPN URL.



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