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WebinarNinja lets you create various types of webinars to deliver to your customers.

The most popular are live webinars and anytime webinars which can be accessed by the customer at their leisure.

ThriveCart let you quickly and easily sign up your customers to a webinar as part of their purchase automatically. You can use this to sign up customers to webinars for purchasing your main product, bumps, and upsells. 

All we need to do is copy and paste the registration form code from WebinarNinja into ThriveCart to trigger when a customer makes the purchase and this will sign them up to your webinar automatically.

Let’s get started. 

Step 1 – Log into your WebinarNinja dashboard.

Step 2 – Click Integrations, then on-site registration.


Step 3 – Copy Registration Form Code.

Locate your webinar from the list we want to assign to our product in ThriveCart and click the copy code button. 


Step 4 – Add behavior rule to your product in ThriveCart.

In your product settings, head over to customers then add a rule and select Custom HTML from the drop down.

Ensure it’s set to When your customer purchases the main product (or the trigger you want)

Then paste the form code into this box.


Step 5 – Save your product settings.

That’s it! Integration is completed. So now when a customer goes through and completes their purchase they will automatically be added to your webinar hosted by WebinarNinja automatically. 

They will receive both your receipt and webinar details via email.


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