Why are my subscriptions showing as "Trialing" in Stripe?

 A common question we get asked in support is;

“Why are my subscriptions set to trialing? I’ve not set a trial on them.”


I just want to confirm that you don't need to worry, this is completely normal.

Often users will go to their ‘subscriptions’ in Stripe, see the subscription is set to “trialing” and think something is wrong.

But it’s not.

When processing transactions the initial payment on a subscription is taken as a ‘payment’ from the customer.

This is done for a few technical reasons, which allow us to provide certain features to you within the platform, including the ability to charge a different upfront fee to that of the subscriptions recurring fee.

If you visit a customer's profile in Stripe you will see that they have a payment for the initial payment and then the subscription is set to start when the next payment is due.


We can see in this example that the customer bought and paid for a monthly subscription on the 23rd February. The first payment was taken as a 'payment' immediately. The following payment starts the subscription in one months time, so the subscription is set to trailing until the payment is due.

At this time the subscription will become active.

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