ApplePay FAQ

Q. What do I need in order to use ApplePay?

A. You need the payment processor Stripe account connected to your ThriveCart account.

Q. How do I enable ApplePay?

A. Under your product settings head over to the 'Product' tab, then choose 'Payment'. From here you simply need to tick the box next to the ApplePay logo. You DO NOT need to make any manual changes to your Stripe account.

Q. Are there any fee's for using ApplePay?

A. "Apple does not charge users, merchants or developers to use Apple Pay for payments. Your credit and debit transactions will continue to be handled by the payment networks."

Q. Help! I can't see ApplePay on my cart page!

A. Don't panic, ApplePay will only show on your cart page if the user is using a compatible device. If a desktop user is browsing your cart page from their Windows PC, then ApplePay won't be displayed in order to save confusion. Please note that a recent update from Apple prevents ApplePay from working in iframes. This means the embeddable cart and the modal popup cart won't display the ApplePay option. We've opened discussion with Apple to see what we can to extend support for these types of checkout.

Q. Why is this important?

A. Mobile traffic currently makes up for around 50-60% of website visitors, and sending your potential customers to your checkout page you want to make their transaction as easy as possible. With ApplePay users from compatible devices can simply use their thumbprint to pay for your product, instead of having to complete all their billing details. This takes zero effort to make a purchase and will help increase sales from users who typically cannot be bothered to enter further billing details.

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